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About Lamm

Lamm is a hardcore platformer in which you have to pick up orbs to jump. Some orbs allow you to jump once, others twice, and they can go up to five jumps in a row !

The game is separated into six different worlds and a total of 42 levels, each one harder that the last. They may even make you think since the order to pick the orbs up is crucial.

Jumping System

In Lamm, everything depends on the number of times you can jump. There are five different orb types :
- White orb : one jump
- Yellow orb : double jump
- Orange orb : triple jump
- Red orb : quintuple jump
- Black orb : no jump

Every level contains an hidden firefly. They're very tough to get and give another challenge for the best players. If you can find the six fireflies in any world, you will gain access to a bonus level !

A very convenient timer will record your best time for every level.
The game is optimized for speedrunners, allowing you to try your best to be one of the fastest !

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